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Duralumin is attractive for its strength and lightness.

The duralumin (A2017) used this time is an aluminum alloy in which copper, magnesium, etc. are mixed with aluminum.

Generally, it is mainly used as aerospace equipment and ship materials.

Duralumin used in the sky and the sea.

This material is useful in active scenes such as mountaineering and camping.

In addition, because it is a lightweight metal, it can be used on a daily basis.

Please use it in backpacks and pouches at travel destinations, sports and outdoor scenes.


AirTag carabiner DURALUMIN

SKU: 364215375135191
  • AirTag dedicated carabiner DURALUMIN

    Size Diameter: H80 x W42mm

    Thickness: 7mm

    Weight: Approximately 17g

    * The weight of the carabiner body. Does not include the weight of AirTag.


    This is a special case for Apple's AirTag, which is made by carving out three types of metal lumps.

    Metalworking professionals are particular about the materials used and the manufacturing area, and put them into design and design.

    To make the AirTag easier to carry, we finished it in a carabiner type.

    Once you set the AirTag with the loss prevention function in the carabiner, all you have to do is attach it to something important.

    We will smartly support you in finding the whereabouts of important things such as keys, bags, bicycles and motorcycles.

    Please choose the material that suits your lifestyle according to the usage scene.

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