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About Returns:

When the item you ordered arrives, please be sure to check "Is there any problem with the item" and "Is there any error in the order details?"

* Customers are responsible for shipping and handling charges for returns. Please understand from the beginning that we cannot accept returns if any of the following apply:

・ Products that have passed “16 days or more” including the shipping date of the product

・ Products that are clearly worn or have been used

・ Products for which product accessories have been lost

・ Products that are dirty or scratched by the customer 

・ Products with "No returns or exchanges" on the product page

・ If the condition at the time of return is significantly different from the condition at the time of delivery (including box and accessories)

・ Products returned without prior application from the arrival of products

・ Exchanged products

・ Additional returns cannot be accepted for orders which refund procedures that have already been completed. You need to apply in advance if you wish to make a return.

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