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Yusuke Miyagawa

Saegusa inc. Product Manager Miyagawa's portfolio incudes product designs, branding concept designs, and the interior of Saegusa's Tokyo office.

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AirTag Carabiner

These carabiners are made exclusively for Apple’s AirTag. Choose from three types of metal to best suit your lifestyle and environment.

The signature GPS coordinates engraved on our products are the exact location to the metal manufacturers in Japan.

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KANSEI Made in Japan

​Interior & lifestyle products specializing in brass materials. Our products are not painted so that you can enjoy the true character of brass as it ages over time.

Received high praise at the Maison de Objet 2022 French exhibition.

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We recycle discarded leather to produce our products.

​Every item is one-of-a-kind by applying original paint exclusively to each piece of leather.


Saegusa inc, Office Interior

Designed the interior of our own building.

We renovated the meeting and storage space from scratch. Our staff did all of the construction.

We were conscious of creating a space that was easy to work in and gave us more ideas.

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& connect

In July 2021, the interior & lifestyle shop '& connect' was opened on the 1st floor in our company's building.

We worked on concepts for the interior design, and were conscious of how our products would be displayed to demonstrate how they would look when blended into daily life.

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​ Aluminum Hat

Used a spinning technique to mold the metal into the shape of a hat.

Produced a realistic shape by using a wooden mold and mallet.

​Mass production is not possible due to the required manual labor.